Please, not another Holy war for Evander!

Posted by: dbrody

The article is called, Vitali Klitschko Would Physically Kill Evander Holyfield. Bleacherreport columnist Colin Linneweber couldn’t be more accurate.  Word is, if Holyfield wins his next scheduled fight in November, he will be in line for a beating at the hands of  the reigning WBC champion Vitali “Dr. Iron Fist” Klitschko sometime in 2010, when I believe Hoyfield turns 76. Holyfield is scheduled to fight the one and only Derrick Rossy (22-2, 12 KOs) of Medford, New York on November 8 in Jeju Island, South Korea.  All kidding aside, Holyfield is 46 going on 86.  He’s aged worse than Larry King, if that’s possible.  At 38, Klitschko is also past his prime, but unlike Holyfield, Klitschko can still see his prime in his rear view mirror.  Holyfield would need a telescope and Ted Wiliam’s eyes to see his prime.  Unfortunately, styles do make for fights and thanks to Klitschko’s enormous reach, Holyfield would never touch the good doctor. I understand that Evander needs to support his reproductive habit and must continue to work, but  there are easier ways for a 46 year old shot fighter to earn a living. Like most boxing fans, I admired Holyfield’s courage, standing up to much larger men like Riddick Bowe and Buster Douglas. But it’s a shame Holfyfield doesn’t have the courage to walk away while he can still walk.

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