Tyson remains a punching bag for his critics!

Posted by: dbrody

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Mike Tyson could be on his way back to prison. Iron Mike may have violated his recent probation by delivering his best punch in about 15 years, when he decked a paparazzi photographer at LAX airport. Apparently, part of the probation Tyson received after pleading guilty to cocaine possession and driving under the influence, states he is not allowed to punch anyone outside a boxing ring, unless they make fun of his voice. Otherwise, there’s no excuse for Tyson to do what he did, even though there is no form of human life lower than the paparazzi, and the camera geek ignored Tyson’s request to leave his family alone. Did the guy deserve to be dropped? Probably. But, if you’re Tyson, you need to stop pretending it’s 1988 and you’re fighting Michael Spinks. When is the last time you hit someone? Most people stop punching other humans when they leave high school. At some point, Tyson needs to grow up and retire his hands once and for all.

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