Haynesworth is a big loser in this Skins game!

Posted by: dbrody

Albert Haynesworth must have thought he was Forest Gump. On the first day of Redskins camp, Haynesworth ran. Then he ran some more. Then he ran some more. But unlike Gump, Haynesworth knew exactly why he ran. The Redskins 100 million dollar defensive lineman was being punished by the Skins new drill sergeant, first year head coach, Mike Shannahan. Haynesworth spent the off season defying his head coach, refusing to attend his minicamps, OTAs, and conditioning sessions, as a protest to Shannahan’s new 3-4 defense. So, Shannahan made Haynesworth take a ”basic” conditioning test, which he had no chance of passing. With temps in the 90’s and a heat index well into triple digits, Haynesworth predictably flunked the fitness test, and then was sent to the treadmill to improve his conditioning. Operation Embarrassment was a success for Shanahan. The point is, Shannahan showed the Skin’s highest paid player, and the rest of his team, that there’s a new sheriff in town, one who is even tougher than Reggie Hammond. It’s refreshing to see discipline put back into pro sports, which has become a case of insanely paid inmates often running the asylum. This leads to an inferior product, which should never be tolerated considering the cost to attend a professional sporting event. So, good for you Mike Shannahan. And as for you Albert Haynesworth, hopefully you now understand that you are an employee, and as such, you do what you are told, even if you might not be able to play your most favorite position. Now the Redskins know that Albert Haynesworth is like a box of chocolate; you never know what you’re going to get, even for 100 million dollars.

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