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This is a disappointing loss, especially after the opening win against a very good Cincinnati Bengals team. The Patriots started out so strongly, moving down the field with ease. They controlled the ball and the clock in the first quarter, the Jets having the pigskin for 1:02 in the 1st quarter. The Pats would have it only 3:32 in the 2nd Quarter.

However there were already glimpses of the mental and physical errors to be made on this day by the Patriots. Randy Moss missed a TD because he bobbled the ball exiting the end zone. Brandon Tate was not on the line and his penalty negated a 39-yard run by Fred Taylor. Shockingly, Tate did it again on a Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis run later (Phil Simms called it but the refs did not). A successful 32-yard FG was nullified by a bone-headed delay of game penalty. The re-kick went awry and 3 points were missed.

When the Pats used an amazing one-handed catch by Moss for a TD just before half, it seemed to return the momentum back to New England. However with 53 seconds before the Half, the Pats’ defense then allowed the Jets to march close enough for a 49-yard-FG.

The defense could not slow down the Jets in the second half. The moribund NY offense was brought to life by crypt keeper Mark Sanchez, who was all but left for dead after an opening week loss. On this day, Sanchez kicked the crypt and looked nothing like the guy on life support versus the Ravens. Nevermore? Anyway, it helped that the Pats could not stop the run, making 31-year old LaDainian Tomlinson look like he was 10 years younger. Missed tackles helped. Being able to run kept the Pats off Sanchez’s back, though they did get him for 3 sacks (2 by Gerard Warren, one helped by Jermaine Cunningham, and the other by Banta-Cain).

In fact after Warren’s first sack, Sanchez and gang were 2nd and 20. The defense could not hold them as Sanchez hit one receiver for 13-yards and then a 7 yarder to Braylon Edwards for a first down. Edwards had 5 catches for only 45 yards, but every catch was big, one for a 10-yard TD and another for a 2-point conversion.

In the 2nd half, after Cromartie’s INT and Moss’ tackle, the Jets had it at their 3. The Pats’ defense once again could not hold. Darius Butler was burned on a pass to TE Dustin Keller, who killed the Pats on this day. The Pats clearly missed safety Brandon McGowan who was their tight end specialist. The drive got the Jets a FG and closer at 14-13. Instead of forcing a punt, the Pats gave up points.

Other mistakes – A late hit by Tully Banta Cain along the sidelines at midfield – 15 yard penalty. Jermaine Cunningham then replaced him.

Kyle Arrington hurting field position by running into the Jet after he signaled fair catch.

Mike Wright hit Sanchez late (after he released the ball) but was not flagged.




On this day, every tight pass was caught by the Jets’ receivers. Every run seemed to net 5 yards (the Jets averaged 4.3). On this day, Darius Butler was wishing he could have reacted faster to knock balls away or out of opponent’s hands. His two interference calls late in the game were salt in his and the Pats’ wounds.

Brady seemed to force the ball to Moss at times. Brady underthrew a bomb which was picked off by Cromartie because he had better position on the ball than Moss. On the other, Moss tried to keep the ball alive by tipping it, but it was grabbed by Brodney Pool. Moss would have been better off knocking the ball to the ground.

While Wes Welker made some catches after his 1st Quarter hit in the head courtesy of S Eric Smith, he never was much of a factor in the 2nd half. You wonder if post-concussive symptoms kicked in. Also, losing Kevin Faulk at the beginning of the 4th Quarter (with about 13 minutes left) hurt the Pats in play calling and protection for Brady. No word on Faulk, who either has a knee or ‘leg’ injury.

What slim chances the Pats had to come back ended when Jason Taylor somehow came in from Brady’s blind side (oh, he beat Matt Light who had no help) and stripped him of the ball.

Next up Buffalo, and while they may seem like a welcome sight, they have usually given the Pats a tussle. And it’s a divisional game. Hopefully Bill Belichick and the Patriots will have fixed some of the holes that sprung up in their offensive and defensive walls.


The Pats expect their outside linebackers to set the edge and not allow runners to the outside. Rob Ninkovich was beaten badly by LT on one such play.

Gamebook on the Patriots site had Brady targeting Moss 10 times. Moss caught 2. Wes Welker, who usually leads in times targeted (when healthy), had 7 with 6 catches. Aaron Hernandez was targeted 6 times and caught all 6.

What happened? Zoltan Mesko appeared to be run into on a punt but Simms was dismissive and the play was never shown again (or mentioned).

ADJUSTMENTS – The Jets early on were only rushing 3 players and Brady picked them apart. The Jets then went to a four-man rush with an occasional blitz and that seemed to slow down the Pats’ attack.

Right after Wes Welker was hit in the head by Jets safety Eric Smith, you could see Bill Belichick screaming at the ref. Had not seen that before.

At half, the Patriots had 12 first downs to 10 by the Jets. The Pats had 4 rushing (32 yards) and 7 by pass (1 by penalty). The Jets had 1 rushing (on 33 yards), 8 by pass and 1 by penalty. At game’s end, the Jets had 23 1st downs - 6 by rushing (136 yards total or 103 in the 2nd half), 14 by passing and 3 by penalty.


Ryan Kalish has played 43 games for the BoSox and has 22 RBI. In 52 games, Daniel Nava has 23 RBI. Also of interest is that Jed Lowrie, now back for 44 games, has 17 RBI. Kalish looks like a Keeper to me.

• I’m rooting for the Rockies to make the playoffs (sorry Braves’ fan Ted of Section 8). But old friend Manny Delcarmen blew another game for them. The other night Jay Payton played for Colorado. Yes, the ex-BoSox. And Jay Gibbons (ex-Oriole) was in left field for the Dodgers. A Jay Fest. 1972 vs. 1977.

• Jay Payton went to Georgia Tech. He played on that great team with Nomar Garciaparra and Jason Varitek that lost to Oklahoma in the Finals of the 1994 College World Series.

• Just heard Troy Brown again on WEEI with Ordway (Tues.). Troy has brought an inside perspective that brings new information and insight into the Patriots games. Troy just mentioned that the Pats allowed Mark Sanchez to throw down the middle of the field knowing that his flaw is passes to the sidelines. More Troy!


(These came in congratulating me on the 500th Sportzine. Shameless self-promotion.)

Congratulations Jim!

It takes a lot of dedication to keep something going that long.  I’m sure that all past and current readers appreciate the sports insights and the quips about the Hot Club regulars.  Keep up the good work.

Fraternally, Paul Collette

My thanks to Paul, who is not only a fellow Kappa Delta Phi brother from my RIC days, but is somewhat of an archivist for the fraternity. May the Spirit Never Die. - Z

You do a great job with the Zine!  Congrats on your 500th!!!

Victor, we miss your smiling face at the Hot Club. - Z


Congrats on the 500th issue!!!!!  Nothing about the Red Sox????  OK, I won’t rub it in - Go Braves!

Ted Section 8

Yes, Ted, nothing in last week’s issue about the Red Sox. They tried but were found wanting. Your Braves are very much in the chase for the playoffs and lead the NL wild card contenders. Manny Delcarmen helped you, losing again for the Rockies Sunday. - Z

Here’s to 500 more !!

Hooks + 15 others !

Name changed to protect the guilty. – Z

Aaah…the usual suspects. Smile emoticon

Mike (Hampton VA) Curtis

If you lived here, I have a feeling you’d be amongst the ‘usual suspects’.

Keep on smilin’. - Z

Hi Jim,
Congratulations on Number 500!! Looking forward to Number 1000 in the not too distant future. The photos look great and really give a fun impression of the Hot Club. One of these days I’ll make it up to Providence and let you know ahead of time so I can meet you.
Best regards,
John Ballantine

John discovered me via Sportzine/The Hot Club on the Internet but also had a friend who went to school at RISD and frequented the Hot Club in the past. - Z

Hi Jim -
It all looked great to me.
Thanks for the extras, and CONGRATS on issue No. 500!!!
Keep up the great work!
Stay kewl,
Buffalo Steve


500… unbelievable!

You’ve come a long way from the “Coach’s Corner”!

Keep it coming!

Left Field (aka Buffalo Bob Smith)

Buffalo Bob anchored our 1999 State Co-ed Softball League champions, the Demons of the Diamond. - Z aka Coach


We are just back from a couple of vacation weeks and catching up on email. I was glad to see the latest Zine & 500th issue extras – congratulations and thanks for producing that rarest of publications, one that delivers consistently entertaining reading!

See you in the spring, if not before.


Rick Nadeau

Rick and his lovely wife Leslie are PawSox season ticket holders, both knowledgeable about the team and the game. - Z



The Herbster

Herb is referring (I think) to the shorts I was wearing on Joe Dempsey’s boat. - Z

Just back from trip to Spain 9/9-18. Congrats on #cincocientes.

The Boud (and Boudess)

Caliente? – Señor Z

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