LeBron has Peyton’s back. But why?

Posted by: dbrody

I’m not saying there isn’t racism in this country and LeBron James hasn’t been on the receiving end of racist comments, but LeBron’s biggest problem isn’t the color of his skin, it’s the thickness of it. James is not only unable to handle criticism directed toward him; he’s apparently unable to handle criticism directed toward other star athletes. James was very upset with ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer, who was simply doing his job, by criticizing Peyton Manning, who has not been doing his job. James was so upset by the comments, he tweeted his thoughts. Actually, he needed two tweets to express his anger. There’s a reason why the man anointed himself King James. He has major self-esteem issues and needs his ego stroked. Not sure what caused this. Perhaps we can get in touch with Dr. Phil for an answer. LeBron, stop worrying about what former mediocre NFL quarterbacks are saying on ESPN. The last thing we need is another bad TV media critic. If you wanted to be the next Rudy Martzke, you should have gone to college and studied journalism. Some may argue we should have more respect for LeBron for speaking his mind, and we should teach our children to say what’s on their mind. Others will say LeBron should mind his own business. I say, LeBron should stop defending Peyton Manning, and work harder on defending that insane prediction that the Heat would lose only 4 games this year, or whatever that ridiculous guarantee was.

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