Why is the NCAA HUNG UP ON Selling Rings for Cash?

Posted by: dbrody

Trying to figure this out. Jim Tressel resigns (forced out) because he concealed information. At the root of the issue is the fact his players sold championship rings for cash. This is just another bogus NCAA rule. Why is it illegal for players to sell their property? Once they are in possession of the ring, it’s their property and as such they should be allowed to post a for sale sign if they choose to. This is very different from athlete illegal accepting money from a booster (see Cam Newton). These Ohio State players earned those gifts for their stellar play on the field, and they should be able to treat their possessions as any pro athlete would. Many retired pro athletes have sold championship rings because of their finances. Each year we see an NBA player win a car for capturing the MVP award in the all-star game. Who knows or cares what that player does with the car. Just like the college player who earned his championship ring, the NBA all game MVP earned his car and he should be able to do whatever he wants with his earnings. I would think there’s a lot more to the Tressel story that hasn’t come out, however, if this is about his players selling championship rings, I say give the guy his job back and tell the NCAA to lighten up.

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