Hardly an award winning week for Oscar!

Posted by: dbrody

So what will Oscar fess up to next? A day after admitting to drugs, alcohol, and infidelity, Oscar de la Hoya admits the picture of the dude dressed in women’s clothing is him. I think you can make a case for this being the second most surprising thing we’ve learned in sports, away from the field. I had no idea OJ had the ability to chop up another person, so that would rank number one. There’s Marv Albert who did some very kinky things, but to my knowledge, while Albert may have been addicted to whips, he wasn’t addicted to drugs and alcohol. Tiger had that libido issue, but we never linked him to drugs (other than the steroid rumors), alcohol, and wearing ladies’ lingerie. I can’t think of anything this outrageous. As much as I’d like to, I can’t even cut de la Hoya some slack because of all the punches. Evander Holifield, Mike Tyson, George Foreman and many others have taken just as many shots to the dome and they haven’t taken photos looking like a female hooker. At least they haven’t been caught in those photos. Mr. de La Hoya, or Ms. de la Hoya, whatever you want to call him, needs to grab his panties and get his life together.

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