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The May 2 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton is a top fight because of the fan base of both fighters and the international appeal of the match. And, any match that will bring out the delightfully zany British boxing fans has to be fun. But, there is one other level on which this match figures to be interesting—that’s the actual fight itself.

Many of the experts and fans are kind of assuming that Pacquiao will win, it’s just a questions of how. Whoa….not so fast, I say. Ricky Hatton has never lost a fight in the 140 pound weight division and that’s where this one is being contested. If this fight were announced two years ago as the first match in which Manny was moving up in weight, Hatton would have been a big favorite. So, it’s a bit premature to assume Hatton will not be able to win.

On the special show we are airing on the Al Bernstein Boxing Channel about this fight we have seven fight experts and personalities weigh in with predictions and not one is picking Hatton. I am not picking Hatton to win necessarily, but I absolutely believe this is a difficult fight for Pacquiao. Hatton will use his strength and body punching better than either Oscar Del La Hoya or David Diaz did in fights where Manny went up in weight. Will it be enough to win? I am not sure, but it will be enough to create an exciting and competitive fight.

For Pacquiao the danger is that he has a letdown after his huge win over DeLaHoya. Manny and his great trainer Freddie Roach are working to make sure that does not happen, and the odds are with them. If others think this fight is a gimme for Manny, he and his team no different.

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