UFC going WWE!

Posted by: dbrody

So what’s the difference between UFC and KFC? One sells chicken, and one is too chicken. Too chicken to sell a respectable product, for fear it might lose customers. That would not be KFC. It defies logic that the leader of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana White, was outraged when Brock Lesner flipped off the crowd at UFC 100, and yet he all but ignored Dan Henderson’s barbaric punch to the unconscious Michael Bisping. In case you, like Bisping, missed it, Bisping was rendered unconsious by a Henderson punch, however, Henderson wasn’t satisfied with his beat down. He wanted to cement the victory by following up with another blow while Bisping lay motionless. For his efforts, Henderson was warned by White not to do it again, however, he not only wasn’t disqualified for going WWE on his opponent, he was handed a check for $100,000 for scoring the knockout of the night. So let me understand this, Bisping could have been killed by Henderson’s cheap shot, and White’s biggest concern is Lesner’s two handed salute? And you wonder why the sport is illegal in 14 states. Following Saturday’s fight card, White was quoted as saying ”This isn’t the WWE, that’s not the business I’m in.” After Saturday, White would have to climb up a few steps to reach the WWE on the credibility ladder.

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  2. MacElmurst Says:

    Don’t be mad because you can’t handle a MAN’S sport. That extra hit was well-deserved and part of what makes UFC Fantastic!
    I do agree with you that what Brock did was simply promotional and I think that Dana White was angry for that reason alone. The two sports, WWE and UFC are nothing alike and I think you crying shows you’re a “sally”. The extra hit on Bisping was Justice.

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