Pitino Needs To Go

Posted by: adam_evarts

Who is the real victim in the Rick Pitino story? That’s an easy answer, it’s none other than Joanne Pitino. Joanne has suffered through alot in her lifetime and the one person whom needed to be there for her isn’t even trustworthy anymore.

The Pitino’s have been married since 1976, they have five children, a sixth one died six months after birth due to congenital heart failure. Then Joanne’s brother, Billy Minardi, was killed on 9/11, and her brother-in-law Don Vogt, was killed when a cab struck him in New York City. Now her husband cheats and offers to pay the lady whom he cheated on her with $3,000 for an abortion, and on top of that he might have even paid his equipment manager to marry the mistress.

I really feel for Joanne Pitino, your husband is supposed to be the one you can trust, the one that will be there through thick and thin, and now she can’t trust him and that is tough to deal with.

Now Pitino won’t be fired, though I think he should. Once again this is a case in which wins and losses determine a head coaches fate rather than other issues. In this case I would fire Pitino because what kind of example is he setting for his young student athletes. Basically he showing them that it’s not only ok to fool around on your wife, and lie about it, but it’s also ok to pay people off and when everyone does find out about it, you get to keep your job.

Louisville’s A.D. needs to set a precedence and get rid of Pitino for the immoral issues that he is showing young players, whom most of which have parents that put trust in Pitino to guide them into adulthood. Now he’s steered them into controversy and scandal. I know one thing, if my child wanted to attend Louisville and play basketball for Pitino, I would have to tell him no just becasue I don’t appreciate someone who is self-centered upon their own pleasures, rather than molding a young man’s mind.

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