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We deliver the best sports columnists to you! Why spend hours going to multiple sites to find your sports news when we do the work for you? We go through every paper in the country and pick out the best sports stories separated by sport, reducing your prep time.

"Your site has been invaluable to me for over 20 years" -- Dick Stockton, legendary NFL, NBA and MLB broadcaster

"USSportspages.com links are the ULTIMATE shortcut in our profession. I couldn't even begin to calculate the hours this resource has saved me in my daily show prep. Not only is each sports story separated and organized on a daily basis, but the 'potpourri' section provides the comic relief that all shows need from time to time. In my opinion, any host that doesn't utilize this site is shorting themselves, and their audience."
-Shan Shariff, Host for 610 Sports, Kansas City

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